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Study Sheet Number Three – American Pastoral 1. What is the “Paradise Lost” in part three of the novel? How does it connect to the dreams of assimilation and upward mobility shared by Dawn and Swede? In what way does Dawn’s new romance with a member of the local gentry signal a victory for the older America? 2. In what ways can you see Swede as both a loyal member of his birth family (in contrast with his brother Jerry) and also as someone who repudiates the ethnic, social, and class particularity of his background? What is significant in this regard about his desire to move away from the part of New Jersey in which he was born (which was something like a Jewish community) into a part of the state where Jews generally did not live? Consider the wider implications of self- selecting housing patterns like the one in which the Levovs participated upon their arrival in America? What does it say about the melting pot theory of national identity? In that regard, what physical and personality characteristics of Swede
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