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Study Sheet Number Two American Pastoral

Study Sheet Number Two American Pastoral - Study Sheet...

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Study Sheet Number Two – American Pastoral Remember that study questions are designed to help you work through the assigned readings, emphasizing those aspects of the novel that seem of particular importance. You may use the study questions as prompts for your postings as you see fit. You do not have to write out answers to them or submit them to me. 1. Remember two things as you are reading. A. that Nathan Zuckerman, one of the characters in the story, is the one who is doing the telling and B. that Nathan is telling Swede’s story based on the facts of his life (as he knows them from his childhood and has recently learned from his brother Jerry) but that he is also fabulizing (that is, making up) much of what is in the story. He seems to regard this as part of the moral imperative he thinks we all share: to try to understand others, even in the sure knowledge that we will get them wrong (no matter that we actually know or think we know everything about them). So as a novelist he
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