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STS 101 Hour Test 1 Study Guide Summer 2009 (1) Why do some people believe that we never went to the moon? (2) Why is there a mistrust of scientists, and the scientific process? (3) If we mistrust science, why do we spend so much money on it? (4) How does science conflict with tradition? (5) Can all the problems of technology be solved using more Technology? Does our culture (ie, society) believe this? Why or why not? (6) What is the Tech Fix? Why does our culture rely on them so much? (7) Americans have viewed technological change (TC) as a less painful alternative than political or social change. Has this belief always worked out to our benefit? (8) Can technology create more problems than it fixes? If so, give an example. (9) Is all technology created for our benefit? If not, then who does it benefit? (10) What did the Luddites represent? Do not think in terms of whom they were, but why do we still talk about them today? What is a neo-Luddite?
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Unformatted text preview: (11) Consider the Amish? Do they truly reject technology? Are they Luddites? Can anyone truly be a Luddite? (12) Why do we have such a specialized society? In other words, why are some people doctors and other people rocket scientists? Why do we have separate departments for chemistry and biology at the university level? (13) What are the consequences of specialization? Why is specialization necessary? What impacts has specialization had on society? (14) Why is technology more familiar to us than science? KNOW THIS!! (15) Which came first: technology of science? Why? (16) Is technology merely applied science? (17) What is social constructivism theory? What does this theory imply about our relationship with technology? (18) Are all scientific discoveries easily converted into technological applications? (19) Why do some technologies fail while others succeed? What about the Segway?...
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