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HourTest3_StudyGuide_summer09 - STS 101 Chapter 9 Hr Test 3...

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STS 101 Hr Test 3 Review Summer, 2009 Chapter 9 (1) What was the social impact of introducing new machinery in the workplace during the Industrial Revolution? What was the impact of the assembly line on worker’s sense of personal fulfillment? (2) Is it true that technology will eliminate all of our jobs? Make sure you understand the relationship between the demand for products and services, productivity, and technological innovation (p. 150-151). (3) How can the majority of the work force be employed in occupations that directly contribute nothing to production? This is referred to as the “service economy”. Is it sustainable in the long run? Can we produce nothing here (ie the US) except ideas? Chapter 10 – no questions Chapter 11 (4) What is the difference between having a spoken versus a written language? Why are there so few written languages in comparison? (5) How did the printing press help to create our modern society? In particular, how did it change science? (6) What was the role of the printing press with regard to changes in society?
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