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Bonus_problem - ME 210B Bonus Problem Due noon in the...

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ME 210B Bonus Problem Due March 18, 2009, noon in the homework box Note: (1) This bonus problem can only help, not hurt, your grade. Done correctly, it can add up to 7% to your weighted point score for the class. The curve will be determined based on the scores for the other homeworks and the exams. Any points from this problem will be added to your previous total, to determine your final grade. (2) There is more than one good way to do this. We will be looking to see whether your strategy works and is well documented and based on the principles we have discussed in class. It is strongly recommended not to wait until the last minute to do this bonus problem, if you choose to do it . You must turn in a listing of all of your source code. We will answer questions but will not help you with debugging. Write a variable-stepsize MATLAB code for solving nonstiff ODE initial value problems using the (PECE) second-order Adams-Bashforth method as the predictor formula and the second-order Adams-Moulton method as the corrector method, using the variable-coefficient strategy.
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