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ME 210B Homework # 6 Due March 11, 2009 1. (a) (2 points) Construct a consistent, unstable multistep method of order 2 (other than the one in Example 5.6). (b) (3 points) Is it possible to construct a consistent, unstable one-step method of order 2? Why or why not? 2. (3 points) Explain why it is not a good idea to use an Adams-Bashforth method to predict the first iterate y 0 n to start a Newton method for a BDF step when solving a stiff problem.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. (3 points) Consider the following two-step method y n-y n-1 = h 16 (9 f n + 6 f n-1 + f n-2 ) . Investigate the properties of this method in comparison with the one-step and the two=step Adams-Moulton formulae. Does this method have any advantage? Hint: When h < ( λ ) → -∞ one must consider the roots of the charac-teristic polynomial σ ( ξ ) of (5.7b). 1...
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