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Transport in Thermofluids ME220B Homework #2 Problem 1: Review sections 25.7 and 29.3 in the notes. Consider a steady isobaric gas flow over a flat plate, as shown. The gas has temperature dependent properties: ρ , µ , p C and k . The only source of thermal energy is viscous heating. The surface of the plate is adiabatic. What assumptions are needed to put the momentum and heat equations into the forms given by: Momentum: xx x xy y y υ υυ ρυ  ∂∂ +=   Heat: 2 x px y TT T Ck y y y +  Transform the governing equations and appropriate boundary conditions using the variables defined by: x y ψ = , y x =− , () f xU η ν = , T T θ = and 0 y U dy x νρ ∞∞ = . Make use of the relations: , 1 p p C C = , 1/2 kT = and T T = that come from the kinetic theory of gases.
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