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Transport in Thermofluids ME220B Homework #4 Problem 1: Consider turbulent Poiseuille flow in a smooth pipe of radius R . The walls of the pipe are held at an isothermal temperature. For a flow that is fully-developed thermally and hydrodynamically, derive the heat equation using the variables: 1 r R η =− , z m u υ = and i s i T T T T θ = . Solve the turbulent heat and momentum transport equations for air with 6 R e1 0 , P r 0 . 7 D == using the mixing length model. Find expressions for / w yy τρ ν + = , / z w + = and /( ) w w w TT T qC τ ρρ + = ′′ in terms of , u and . Plot + and T + versus log( ) y + , and compare with the law of
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