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Transport in Thermofluids ME220B Homework #6 Problem 1: Consider the dam-break problem of section 18.6, for the same initial condition prior to the dam-break ( 4 10m y = and 1 1m y = ). Determine (analytically) the flow state in region 1 after the hydraulic jump has reflected from the wall at 400m L = . When does the contact plane first stop moving? When does it resume motion? Problem 2: Consider the dam-break problem of Section 18.6, with the channel open at one end to a large reservoir. Let 4 1.2m
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Unformatted text preview: y = and 1 1.0m y = . When the hydraulic jump reaches the open end at 400m L = , a depression wave is reflected back. Determine the velocity of the leading and trailing edges of the depression wave that moves back through the channel, making note of significant assumptions. Is there a value 4 y for which a depression wave will not be reflected back into the channel? t = 4 1.2m y = 4 0m/s = 1 1.0m y = dam x 1 0m/s = depression wave hydraulic jump 1 2 J x...
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