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hw7 - Transport in Thermofluids ME220B Homework#7 Problem 1...

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Transport in Thermofluids ME220B Homework #7 Problem 1 Consider the flow after a sluice gate where the length and slope of the spillway is 1 / 2.5 Ly = and / 0.02 dz dx =− , and the depth of the backwater is 21 / 1.25 yy = . The velocity of flow under the sluice gate is 1 ( 0)/ 1.1 x xg y υ == . Assume the spillway is frictionless. Formulate a set of analytic equations that describe the flow after the sluice gate. Is the location of the hydraulic jump unique? Problem 2: Consider flow under the sluice gate shown. The flow leaving the gate spills down a spillway into a backwater of height 4 y . The wide basin has three sloped regions. In the regions between 1 x and 2 x , and between 3 x and 4 x , the basin has a shallow slope / 0.002 dz dx . In the region between 2 x and 3 x , the basin has a steeper slope / 0.009 dz dx . The basin has a
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