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Wai Cheong Tam ME128 HW#1 CGMS System Gold: Continuous Glucose Monitoring System This device does not only allow patients who have diabetes from knowing the detail glucose levels, but it also allow patients to compile and analyze comprehensive glycemic data. The benefit of this device is patients can better understand the cause-and-effect relationship between daily activities and their blood glucose levels; this may have profound effects on both their self- monitoring and way of living. Critical features and benefits 1) Up to 288 glucose readings per day 2) Detail data in a logical and graphical format 3) Up to 3 days of sensor life and the sensor can be inserted by patients 4) A reliable, easy to wear monitor 5) With CGMS Solutions software, allowing to transfer data to computers 6) Sound alarms in reminding patients when to enter blood glucose values and when glucose levels become abnormal. http://www.minimed.com/professionals/products/cgms/ DexCom™ STS™ Continuous Glucose Monitoring System The device is a glucose sensor that reports glucose values every 5 minutes for up to 72 hours. It allow people with diabetes and their healthcare practitioners to better manage their disease by providing more information on glucose trends and patterns than can be obtained with fingerstick glucose measurements alone. Critical features and benefits 1) Detecting trends and tracking patterns. 2) Can be used as an adjunctive device to complement information obtained from standard home glucose monitoring devices. 3) Calibrate every 12 hours at a minimum to ensure device performance. 4) Water resistance. 5) Small Sensor — so small that it fits completely inside the insertion needle 6) Stores up to 30 days of data and data is downloadable to computer for viewing of long-term trends http://www.dexcom.com/html/dexcom_products.html
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hw1_me128 - Wai Cheong Tam ME128 HW#1 CGMS System Gold:...

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