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Unformatted text preview: ine company issues with potential product- technologies, company fit, life cycle, differentiation Competition (External look) Customer Final Company Issues Market 10/5/07 Competition (Internal look) ME128 Definition Complete! 15 Quality Function Deployment Process in which `voice of the customer' is heard and deployed Orderly, four-phase process: Planning Designing Constructing Consistently constructing Yes, this guy again! Distinguishes between customer attributes and technical characteristics ME128 16 10/5/07 QFD Process Then links......... Beginsitwith..... The wants of the customer with Companies and assists with the planning process -Matrix format is essential to this process 10/5/07 ME128 17 Voice of the Customer Basic input required to begin QFD Relative importance of each voice is measured by importance rating Competitive evaluation of products or services permit company to observe how its products rate on a numerical scale Customer complaints serve as an indication of dissatisfaction ME128 18 10/5/07 Technical Information Determine how company will respond to customer voice Technical or design requirements placed on top of the matrix Center of matrix records presence and strength of relationship between customer wants and technical requirements Goals can be established for technical requirements ME128 19 10/5/07 10/5/07 ME128 20 Manufacturing planning chart development Technical In short, QFD process.... portion of the matrix Customer portion of the m...
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