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Competitors examine core competenciesweaknesses

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Unformatted text preview: rengths Market Customer Competition (Internal look) 8 10/5/07 ME128 Outside Competencies Examine strengths/weaknesses of competition Identify resources of the competition Study market shares of industry players Customer Market Competition (Internal look) ME128 Competition (External look) 9 10/5/07 Benchmarking Benchmarking should be viewed as a critical step in the Design Process Benchmarking is a method of comparing product or design characteristics with existing or state-of-the-art products or designs Leads to superior performance! Know your competitors! ME128 10 10/5/07 Benchmarking Select Product or Process Identify the key performance metrics Identify the best-in-class companies Compare the best-in-class with in-house performance metrics Specify the programs or actions to meet and exceed the competition ME128 11 10/5/07 Customer Requirements Customer requirements should be characterized by performance, time, cost and quality Value is the worth of the product or service 10/5/07 ME128 12 Customer Requirements Performance Features Reliability Durability Serviceability Conformance Aesthetics Perceived Quality ME128 13 10/5/07 Product Design Specification Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Product Design Specification (PDS) The PDS is the basic control and reference document for the design and manufacture of the product 10/5/07 ME128 14 Completing Product Definition Consider the marketing mix of products, distribution networks, pricing structure, and overall economics Exam...
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