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111907 me 128 11 treatment trials placebos are almost

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Unformatted text preview: Treatment Trials Placebos are almost never used: Placebos are used only when no standard treatment exists Patients are told of this possibility before deciding to take part 11/19/07 ME 128 12 Prevention Trials Evaluate the effectiveness of ways to reduce the risk of a particular disease Enroll healthy people at high risk for developing that disease 11/19/07 ME 128 13 Prevention Trials Action studies ("doing something") Agent studies ("taking something")--also called "chemoprevention studies" 11/19/07 ME 128 14 Chemoprevention Trials Phase 3 chemoprevention trials compare a promising new agent with either a: --Standard agent --Placebo 11/19/07 ME 128 15 Clinical Trial Protocol A recipe or blueprint Strict scientific guidelines: --Purpose of study --How many people will participate --Who is eligible to participate --How the study will be carried out --What information will be gathered about participants 11/19/07 ME 128 16 Patient Protection There have, unfortunately, been past abuses in patient protection Federal regulations ensure that people are told about the benefits, risks, and purpose of research before they agree to participate 11/19/07 ME 128 17 How Are Patients' Rights Protected? Info...
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  • Fall '08
  • Laguette,S
  • Clinical trial, Clinical Trials Patient Protection Phases, Human Clinical Studies, Cancer Clinical Trials Education Series

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