TAM203_fall04_makeup - Your Name T&AM 203 Makeup Prelim...

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Unformatted text preview: Your Name: T&AM 203 Makeup Prelim Monday December 6, 2004 noon - 1:30 + PM Draft December 6, 2004. From the Fall 1996 Final exam Do any 3 problems. Please follow these directions to ease grading and to maximize your score. a) No ca1cu1at0rs allowed. Ask for extra scrap paper if you need it. b) Do any 3 problems. c) Full credit if • work is I. ) neat, II. ) clear, and III.) well organized; ± all signs and directions are well defined with sketches and/or words; ↑→ any dimensions, coordinates, variables and base vectors that you add are clearly defined; • correct units and correct vector notation are used, when appropriate; • to the extent that a problem seems ambiguous or not perfectly defined not perfectly defined, you clearly state any rea- sonable assumptions that you make; →| reasonable justification, enough to distinguish an informed answer from a guess, is given; • −→ free body diagrams ←− (FBD’s) are drawn when appropriate; • your answers are boxed in; and • your answers are TIDILY REDUCED . d) Substantial partial credit if your answer is in terms of well defined variables and you have not substi- tuted in the numerical values. Substantial partial credit if you reduce the problem to a clearly defined set of equations to solve....
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TAM203_fall04_makeup - Your Name T&AM 203 Makeup Prelim...

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