New 351 syllabus

New 351 syllabus - ACCT 351 Tentative Syllabus Taxation and...

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ACCT 351- Tentative Syllabus Taxation and Managerial Decision Making Fall 2007 George Mason University Class meets: Instructor: Massood Yahya-Zadeh, PhD, CPA Phone/Fax: (703) 993-2141 E-Mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Enterprise 29 Mondays 4-5pm. Thursdays 4:30-6:30 pm. Course Web Site: Learning Objectives: The objective of this course is to build a sound conceptual and technical foundation for the study of federal income taxation that provides students with the tools necessary to stay current with the ever-changing tax. Specific objectives include: Students will gain an understanding of the political, social, and economic framework of the income tax system. Students will identify issues and relevant facts. Students will apply the tax law to solve compliance and planning problems. Texts: Required : Smith/Raabe/Maloney “Taxation of Business Entities” West Federal Taxation. 2008 Edition. Optional but highly recommended: Federal Tax: Exam Questions and Explanations. 17 th edition. Gleim Publications . You can order this book from . Grade Weights: Your final grade will be determined as follows Attendance and class participation 5% Quizzes and other class assignments 20% Midterm 1 20% Midterm 2 25% Final 25% Total 100% All Examinations will be given in class on the days specified in the Class Schedule. You are expected to be present for all examinations. If a last minute emergency arises that will prevent you from taking an examination, get in touch with me as soon as possible (e.g., call and leave an appropriate message on my voice mail, or email). Be prepared to provide acceptable, official 1
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documentation supporting your case after the exam. An unapproved absence will result in a zero grade on the exam. Cutoff Points:
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New 351 syllabus - ACCT 351 Tentative Syllabus Taxation and...

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