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Telnet What this website says about Telnet is that, Telnet is a user command and an  underlying  TCP/IP  protocol that’s used for accessing remote computers. With  Telnet, an administrator user can  access  someone else's computer remotely. On  the Web,  HTTP  and  FTP  protocols allow one to request specific files from remote  computers, but its not to actually be logged on as a user for that computer. With  Telnet, one can log on as a regular user with whatever privileges one may have 
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Unformatted text preview: been granted to the specific application and data on that computer. The result of this request would be an invitation to log on with a user id and for a password. If accepted, you would be logged on like any user who used that computer every day. Telnet is most likely to be used by programmers and anyone who has a need to use some specific applications or locate data from a particular host computer....
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