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Unformatted text preview: e 10.3-4 on page 213 of CLRS. 2 Handout 14: Problem Set 4 Exercise 4-4. Suppose we hash elements of a set U of keys into m slots. Show that if |U | > (n - 1)m, there is a subset of U of size n consisting of keys that all hash to the same slot, so that the worst-case searching time for hashing with chaining is (n). Exercise 4-5. Do exercise 11.3-3 on page 236 of CLRS. Problem 4-1. Comparisons among dynamic sets For each type of dynamic set in the following table, what is the asymptotic running time for each operation listed, in terms of the number of elements n? For operations that have not been explicitly defined, consider how you would implement the oper ation given the data structure. You do not need to give the algorithm, just the running time. State any assumptions that you make. Assume that the hash tables resolve collisions by chaining with doubly linked l...
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