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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Algorithms Massachusetts Institute of Technology 6.046J/18.410J Singapore-MIT Alliance SMA5503 Professors Erik Demaine, Lee Wee Sun, and Charles E. Leiserson Samples for Problem Set 8 Input sample 1. (From A Capsule History of Typesetting , by Brown, R.J.) The first practical mechanized type casting machine was invented in 1884 by Ottmar Mergen- thaler. His invention was called the Linotype. It produced solid lines of text cast from rows of matrices. Each matrice was a block of metal usually brass into which an impression of a letter had been engraved or stamped. The line-composing operation was done by means of a keyboard similar to a typewriter. A later development in line composition was the Teletypewriter. It was invented in 1913. This machine could be attached directly to a Linotype or similar machines to control composition by means of a perforated tape. The tape was punched on a separate keyboard unit. A tape-reader translated the punched code into electrical signals that could be sent by wire to tape-punching units in many cities simultaneously. The first major news event to make use of the Teletypewriter was World War I. Input Sample 2. (From an 1882 issue of the London Graphic. ) The process of electrotyping may be briey described as follows: The wood block or color plate is placed in a bed of wax, which has been melted, and allowed to cool until it has arrived at the proper consistency. It is then submitted to a great pressure in a press of hydraulic or other construction. In this way a facsimile of the original is produced but with every detail reversed....
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samples - Introduction to Algorithms Massachusetts...

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