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Chapter 12 PROBLEMS 1. [E, SPICE, 12.2.1] Use SPICE to compute the access time of the 512 512 NOR ROM of Example 12.4. Use a simplified model (i.e., do not include all the transistors but model their impact on word and bit lines). Compare the obtained results (row, column, and overall delay) with the results of the hand analysis. 2. [E, None, 12.2.3] For a memory containing a 4096 word 2048 bit array of SRAM cells with a differential bit-line architecture, assume that the dynamic power consumption is dominated by charging and discharging the bit lines. Assume further that the cells are tiled at a vertical pitch of 5 µ m and a horizontal pitch of 3 µ m. Also assume that each cell adds a load of 3 fF to BL and BL’ . Bit lines are in metal1 and are 0.6 µ m wide. a. Compute the capacitance loading each bit line. Break it down into contributions from wiring and from memory cells. b. If the bit lines are precharged to 1.25 V and are allowed to develop a maximum differential voltage of 1 V (symmetric around the precharge voltage) during a read operation, what is the power consumption by the memory while reading at an access rate of 5 MHz. 3. [E, None, 12.2.3] Using the result of Eq. (12.3) and the device parameters of Table 3-2, construct a plot of V/V Tn vs. V DD for an SRAM with a cell ratio of 1. Discuss the effect of supply voltage scaling on read upset malfunction. 4. [M, None, 12.2.3] Consider the six-transistor NMOS static memory cell of Figure 12.85 . You may ignore the body effect for this problem ( γ = 0). Use ( W / L ) 2 = 1.2/24 and ( W / L ) 3 = 2.4/1.2. The threshold voltage V TO of the depletion transistors equals –2 V. Assume Vdsat > Vdd (long channel device). a. Assume first that node Q is in the 1 state and node Q is 0. In order to write a 0 to node Q , bit line BL is lowered to 0.9 V. Determine the minimal size of transistor M 1 so that the cell just flips when this voltage is reached. Assume that the switching threshold V M of the NMOS inverter equals 0.92 V. b.
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chapter12_ex - Chapter 12 PROBLEMS 1. [E, SPICE, 12.2.1]...

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