Assignment_8__Global_Cooling - Assignment 8 Impact of...

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Assignment 8: Impact of Lasers on Society Let assume some ECE professor makes national news by announcing a way to combat global warming using a CO 2 laser in the atmosphere. This faculty member is convinced he will save the world, and maybe even win a Nobel Peace Prize. But it’s a very controversial idea. The university president comes to you and asks for an expert opinion on the plan. He wants to know if it’s viable so he can help promote the idea, or if it is nonsense, in which case he wants to muzzle the professor before the university looks foolish. The president is a doctor, so he can understand scientific calculations, but he is not expert in optics, waves, lasers, and molecular spectroscopy. He wants a succinct three page summary of the basic idea, and whether or not it is viable. He needs it in terms he can understand, and which he can then explain to the Trustees, who have a broad range of expertise, but none are laser jocks. So you must be convincing in your writing, but also
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Assignment_8__Global_Cooling - Assignment 8 Impact of...

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