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ECE_4300_Design_Project - ECE 4300 Design Project Due...

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ECE 4300 Design Project Due: Friday December 5, 2008 Instructions: You may work in groups on this design, in fact I think it’s the best way to do this. You’ll learn more in a group and won’t waste time on blind alleys. Each team member will receive the same grade. This is not a trivial design, it challenges even me. Listed below are the spectroscopic properties of a fictitious mineral, lets call it Fuchsite, in honor of our new provost. Fuchsite has an index of refraction of 1.8 and has a dopant of what appears to be iron in a divalent state, Fe 2+ . The spectroscopic properties of this ion are listed below ________________________________________________________________ Table 1. Optical Properties of Fe 2+ in Fuchsite ___________________________________________________________________ Absorption band 0.8 Æ 1.0 um (FWHM) Emission band 1.3 Æ 1.5 um (FWHM) Homogeneous broadened, with a Lorentzian lineshape Radiative lifetime 400 nsec (at T=300 C) Index of Refraction 1.8 Thermal conductivity 30 W/m/K Maximum crystal dimension 5x5x25 mm Fe 2+ concentration Adjustable from 10 12 Æ 10 20 cm -3 ___________________________________________________________________ A plot of the normalized absorption and emission bands is shown below.
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