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ECE 4300 H o m e w o r k 2 September 10, 2008 Due: Wednesday, September 17, in class This will be graded S/U. You may work with others on this assignment, but by turning in this homework, and signing your name to it, you are saying that you have done the work and understand the material. 1. A laser arrives from the manufacturer and instead of telling you what the beam parameters are, it simply says at the output mirror, the beam has q = +j 1.7 x 10 -3 cm. You measure the output wavelength and find it equals 532 nm, as you expected because it is a frequency-doubled Nd:YAG laser a. What is the diameter of the beam at the output mirror of the laser? b. Where is the beam waist? c. If you propagate the beam 10 m to its application, how big will the beam be when it gets there? d. Assume you want to collimate the beam at 10 m (collimate means to make the wavefronts planar again, effectively create a new waist at that point). If you use a thin lens to do this, what focal length should you choose?
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