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Quiz 1 The limbic system is believed to be the emotional center of the brain. Name one structure of the limbic system. Olfactory bulb, amygdala, hippocampus, septum, fornix, cingulate gyrus, mammilary bodies, or Im also accepting hypothalamus The corpus collosum connects the cortices of the two ____________ of the brain. Hemispheres or halves The structure just behind (posterior to) the central sulcus is called the __________________. Post central gyrus (also accepted parietal lobe) There are 3 parts to a neuron: The axon, the dendrites, and the _____________. Cell body or soma Attached to the axons are these little tiny protrusions that stick out on them and this is where the info is sent to the next neuron These are known as _______________________. Axon terminals or terminal buttons
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Unformatted text preview: The metencephalon is comprised of two brain structures. Name one of them. Pons and cerebellum (either would have worked) When the brain is cut down the middle so it is split between into the left and right halves, this cut or sections is called a ___________________________________ Saggital (or mid) section or cut The glial cells called __________________ are responsible for making the Blood Brain Barrier with their ‘end feet’. Astroglia or astrocyte __________________ is the fatty covering around axons that give white matter its color, formed by glial cells. Myelin Cells outside of the central nervous system (or brain and spinal cord) are in the ___________________________. Peripheral Nervous System...
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