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052009 dr pierre elbischger mip1isapss09 56 extended

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Unformatted text preview: 6 Extended depth-of-field exploiting the local contrast 1. For each pixel in the image the local variance in a certain neighborhood is computed. 2. An image of extented depth-of-field is created by combining the pixel values corresponding to sharp regions in the input images, thus regions of large local variance. 19.05.2009 Dr. Pierre Elbischger - MIP1/ISAP'SS09 57 Shading correction - Correction of non-uniform illumination Multiplicative illumination-model f(i,j) = e(i,j)g(i,j) g(i,j) ... undisturbed image e(i,j) ... disturbance f(i,j) ... corrupted image Use a reference image c(i,j) to compute the disturbance. In the simplest case c may be a constant (e.g., for images that are expected to have a constant gray value – homogeneous background, no objects). g (i, j ) = c f c (i, j ) = e(i, j )c e(i, j ) = 19.05.2009 f c (i, j ) c Dr. Pierre Elbischger - MIP1/ISAP'SS09 Illumination correction g (i, j ) = f (i, j ) cf (i, j ) = e(i, j ) f c (i, j ) 58...
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