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Flip Bucket - Flip Bucket/Ski Jump Spillways Matt Ponder...

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Unformatted text preview: Flip Bucket/Ski Jump Spillways Matt Ponder Flip Bucket An energy dissipator located at the downstream end of a spillway and shaped so that water flowing at a high velocity is deflected upwards in a trajectory away from the foundation of the spillway. Used to direct spillway flow into the river without passing through a stilling basin Projectile Equation y= x*tan - x / K[4(d + hv) cos] x, y, d, and are defined in Figure 7-20 page 371 K accounts for energy losses due to turbulence and air resistance in the jet before it strikes the river, avg. value of 0.9 hv is the velocity head at the lip Plunge Pool Created when the jet from the deflection falls into an erodible riverbed A plunge pool is eroded to a depth that depends on: Unit discharge Size of the fall Tailwater depth Particle size Veronese Equation Expresses plunge pool depth as a function of only the unit discharge and drop in elevation D=1.9*H0.225q0.54 D = depth of scour measured from the tailwater level q = discharge per unit width H = drop in elevation from reservoir water surface to tailwater Flip-bucket spillway model in operation at Colorado State Univ. www.engr.colostate.edu/ce/grad/hydraulics.shtml Flip bucket at Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona www.usbr.gov/.../history/Rhone/index.html References Hydraulic Engineering; Roberson, Cassidy, Chaudry, 2nd Edition http://www.usbr.gov/library/glossary ...
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