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Two Forks Dam - Two Forks Dam Booker Stuart CE 366 Two...

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Unformatted text preview: Two Forks Dam Booker Stuart CE 366 March 21, 2007 Two Forks Facts Proposed site located on South Platte River in Colorado Would have stood 615 ft high with a span of 1700 ft 1.3 million cubic yards of concrete to construct Could have provided 1.1 million acrefeet of water storage for municipal use in the Denver area Reservoir surface area of 7300 acres (11.5 square miles) Would have flooded approximately 30 miles of freeflowing river Controversy EPA argued that the site was a "unique and irreplaceable resource" Damage to trout fisheries Damage to whooping crane habitat 100 miles away in Nebraska where the South Platte River drains Affected endangered species on and off site Main issue regarded the depletion of water resources in the South Platte River during low flow periods Average annual depletion would have been approximately 14,800 acrefeet Resolution EPA rejected the proposal after a 14month extensive review Concluded there were less environmentally damaging alternatives to Two Forks Quote "The court's ruling in this case preserves the great natural resources of the South Platte River as well as the federal governments ability to protect our nation's waterways for years to come." Lois J. Shiffer, Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Justice Department's Environmental and Natural Resources Division References www.usdoj.gov/opa/pr/1996/Jun96/271.enr. www.dispatchesfromthevanishingworld.com/pastdispatches/butterfly/skippe www.unyts.org/documents/LIFE_LESSONSPUBLIC_RELATIONS_COMPO NENT_PRESENTATION.ppt ...
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