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Barbie - Since 1958 young girls have played with Barbie In...

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Since 1958 young girls have played with Barbie. In today's age, you cannot help but know who Barbie is; she's everywhere. It is even said that there is 3 Barbie's sold every second around the world. If Barbie is so popular among so many people, then why is she despised among so many others? Barbie has been criticized about being a sex symbol since she first appeared on the shelves. From her blonde hair to her big breasts and tiny waist, she has been constantly regarded as having an unattainable figure which young girls constantly try to work towards. What is the problem with this? Barbie was never meant to be real. She is a doll; a doll is to be played with. Little girls see her as just that: a doll. It is not until social construction starts that these 'unrealistic expectations' become something to obsess about. Girls do not begin to see Barbie's figure as a 'perfect figure' until they are taught that it is. Barbie has always modeled others clothes and actions. As times changed so did Barbie. Many seem to think that Barbie
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