Book Review, obesity

Book Review, obesity - There are many different...

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There are many different sociological events within our society that are deserving of attention, but in this exploration of society I have chosen to conduct my research on obesity. I wanted to research how obesity might negatively affect a person’s life. I wanted to explore the types of abuse a person might endure while living with obesity. I wanted to see if you could tell what types of people harass people that struggle with obesity. I wanted to be as close to having a first hand experience as I could, and experience what their lives may be like. One of the possible methods of researching information on obesity is to explore a historical approach. I chose to read the book Fat Girl: A True Story , by Judith Moore, where I quickly discover that this was a great book for my research. Moore wrote that her mother had left her father when she was four years old because he had become a disgusting fat man, and that he was crazy. After Moore’s mother left her father Moore was taken to live on her grandmother’s farm, where she was continuously being abused. Moore wrote that, while on the farm, her grandmother had hated her for being spoiled like her father. Moore was beaten and ridiculed for her looks and attitude by her grandmother and her mother when she came into town to visit. Moore wrote in her book, detail after detail, about how she was abused, her desire to be
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Book Review, obesity - There are many different...

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