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1) What is the difference between having a philosophy and doing philosophy? There are many differences between having philosophy and doing philosophy. Having philosophy is more about having a method or a reason for doing something. For example, if someone were to ask you a question about how to do something, or your beliefs on something. You may state that you have a philosophy on how to do it, or how it works. Whereas, doing philosophy is more about the question why. Doing philosophy is looking deeper into something and trying to figure out everything about it. Doing philosophy is not just about an idea, it’s more
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Unformatted text preview: about the exploration of that idea, and the question. 2. In what circumstances could you imagine yourself doing philosophy? 3. When you think of the word “philosophy,” do you think of anyone in particular? Can you name any “famous” philosophers? 4. What circumstances are conducive to doing philosophy and thinking? 5. What things in your life stimulate you to think philosophically? What things help you to think philosophically (i.e. does music help; or being able to talk with someone else; or being alone?)? What thinks hinder you from thinking philosophically?...
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