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Exam philosophy - Marx saw that society was built up of...

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Marx saw that society was built up of classes and that the upper class was holding down the lower class. He saw that through, religion, and schooling that the system was all set up for the lower class to accept their role at the bottom. The superstructures have been educating the lower class on how to be thankful for what they have, that what we receive is what God intends for us, and that we need learn to accept mediocrity in life. Weber saw things closely related to the way that Marx saw things. Weber believed in the upper and lower class system that Marx believed in, but Weber also felt that there was a third element for your position within society. Marx liked to focus on what he felt was the rationality of everything. He felt that your marketability was also a major factor. Whether or not you had degrees, skills, trades, or anything to make you more desirable would give you more opportunities. Durkheim used functionalism to explain his opinion of society. Functionalism focuses on the roles people take. Durkheim believed that agreement was a must for society. Durkheim focused on his mechanical and organic solidarity beliefs. Durkheim believed that solidarity was the norm for society. Although, he recognized the issues associated with industrialization, he considered conflict to be the anomaly. Durkheim felt that as society became larger it needed to be more organic to keep up with the increasing needs. He felt that change was not a bad thing, but a necessity. The important differences between these theorists were that Marx and Weber felt that the
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Exam philosophy - Marx saw that society was built up of...

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