Autumn2005- TBS 907-Lecture 10- International Finance

Autumn2005 tbs 907 lecture 10 international finance

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Unformatted text preview: TBS 907 FINANCIAL STRATEGY Module 8 Introduction to Multinational Finance The International Financial Markets Financial Markets can be divided into three categories Domestic National markets in other countries International Capital and Money Markets Motives for firms to obtain funds outside home country Growth of MNCs Access to funds Cheaper funds Natural hedge International Recognition Global Markets Euromarkets Deregulation Technological Change Flexible Exchange Rates Multinational Banks Financial Innovations Problems in Global Markets Interdependence Consolidation Volatility Concentration of big business Sources and Uses of Funds Sources Central Bank Reserves Commercial Investors Greater Returns outside Domestic Markets Arbitrage Opportunities Uses Cheaper Borrowing in Euromarkets and other national markets Investment Funds and Unit Trusts National Governments Interbank Borrowing International Banking and Securities Market International Banking markets Interbank Borrowing and Dep...
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