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2_5 - 2.5 Blood pressure is commonly measured with a cuff...

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Unformatted text preview: 2.5 Blood pressure is commonly measured with a cuff placed around the arm, with the cuff pressure (which is a measure of the arterial blood pressure) indicated with a mer- cury manometer (see Video 2.1). A typical value for the maximum value of blood pressure (systolic pressure) is 120 mm Hg. Why wouldn’t it be simpler and less expensive to use water in the manometer rather than mercury? Explain and support your answer with the necessary calculations. ¢=afi FM” /20/m»n H5 3 f: 3’11 : (/33X103£3){0.120m) -= /‘:.0 ’kPA. Z: oé—[wh 757$ PVZSSWVZ 04H" a Lax-Lek COMM): 3 N /é,o X/D 472 IV Hz; .— /,43,,.. (av 5.35%) p 7 (”x/o’— m3 7714's, [2? Moi-er Iver/e used M ‘fm manomeéu— ’fh< Vega/1“?” Cola/m2 hel'yhlzs luau/d be foo hrg'h amt ”hf/acfic‘k/ . 0 _ *— ——_ ...
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