HUM 1- Review

HUM 1- Review - HUM Review Early History of the Bible -Ezra...

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HUM Review Early History of the Bible -Ezra as collector of parts of Bibles -Documentary Hypothesis -Ephraim-Moses -Judah-Aaron -Priests-Aaronites sacrifice -Deuteronomy-Moses Speech -Redactor-Esra Bible and Other Floods -Babylonian Cosmogony -Genesis Creation -Garden of Eden vs. Fields of Elision and Garden of Sun -Flood -Ea +Utnapishtin vs. Noah +Ark The Covenants and Israelite Polity -4 Covenants -Noah (Won’t flood Earth) -Abraham (Circumcision) -Mosaic (Civil and Moral Codes) -David (David’s kingship) -Polity community viewed more politically -Mosaic Polity -Tribal Hierarchy in Wilderness (Free Israelite Male) -Theocracy, kinship -Monarchy -Davidic Covenant, Divine Authority/ Will -Institutions of Monarchy: -Jerusalem, Bureaucracy, Ark +Temple: Centralization of State + Religion Violence and Legitimacy -Right vs. Wrong Violence -Abimelech vs. David -Success legitimizes -God and Legitimacy-Divine Factor -Internal Violence -Violence within the family not normal -Violence within group -Golden Calves, Korah’s Rebellion (Monopolizing talk to God), Absalom’s Rebellion -External Violence -Between Israelites and other groups -Ethnic Violence- Killing different peoples -Jebusites and Jerusalem -Destruction vs. Survival + Action vs. Statement Biblical Values -Described vs. Prescribed Behavior - Good Life God provides -Laban, Potiphar, Obededom -Being Good Divine Incentives, Fame and Shame -Extreme Conformity by Society -Enemies vs. Friends -Virtuous man is loyal, generous and honorable Representation of Women in the Bible -Patrilineal vs. Patrilocal- father vs. husband -Mothers -Produce heirs, Competition of heirs -Virgins +Wives -Dinah, Tamar, Lot’s daughters -Wives in Politics -Abishag, Michal -Women as Snare -Stripped of individuality used for Male Power Telling Bible Stories -Paradox of Bibles Book of stories, little story telling -Parables -Abimelech +Bramble -Wise Woman of Takoa -Rich Man +Poor Man for David from Nathan
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HUM 1- Review - HUM Review Early History of the Bible -Ezra...

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