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University of California at Berkeley Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Structural Engineering Mechanics & Materials In- structor: Armen Der Kiureghian Student name:__________________________ CE93 -- Engineering Data Analysis Final Examination Thursday, December 18, 2003 Work on all five problems. Write clearly and state any assumptions you make. The exam is closed books and notes, except for three sheets of paper and table of distributions. The problems have the following weights: Problem 1 (25 points) ________________________ Problem 2 (20 points) ________________________ Problem 3 (20 points) ________________________ Problem 4 (15 points) ________________________ Problem 5 (20 points) ________________________ Exam grade (100 points) ______________________
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Student name:__________________________________ 2 Problem 1. (10+10+5 = 25 points) Suppose during the holidays you are planning a ski trip to Lake Tahoe. As the map below shows, past Sacramento there are two main roads to Lake Tahoe: Interstate 80 (I80) and Highway 50 (H50). Suppose from past experience we know that, if there is a storm, then there is probability 0.3 that I80 will be closed and probability 0.2 that H50 will be closed. Furthermore, if H50 is closed due to a storm, then the probability that I80 is also closed is 0.6. In case of no storm, each of these roads could be closed due to major accidents, re- pair or other causes. Assume such closure events for the two roads are statistically inde- pendent with probabilities 0.01 for I80 and 0.02 for H50 on a given day. a)
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cee93-fall03-final-Der_Kiureghian-soln - University of...

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