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University of California at Berkeley Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering Structural Engineering Mechanics & Materials Instructor: Armen Der Kiureghian Student name:__________________________ CE 93 -- Engineering Data Analysis First Midterm Examination Thursday, March 3, 2005 9:10-10:00 AM, Sibley Auditorium Work on all three problems. Write clearly and state any assumptions you make. The exam is closed books and notes. However, you can use one sheet of your own notes. The problems have the following weights: Problem 1 (35 points) ________________________ Problem 2 (35 points) ________________________ Problem 3 (30 points) ________________________ Exam grade (100 points) ______________________
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Student name:__________________________________ 2 Problem 1. (7 · 5= 35 points) Carefully examine the Matlab® session shown below. The resulting figures are shown in sequence on the right. Then respond to the itemized questions listed on the next page. >> whos Name Size Bytes Class x 100x1 800 double array y 100x1 800 double array Grand total is 200 elements using 1600 bytes >> hist(x,12) >> hist(y,12) >> boxplot([x y]) >> scatter(x,y) >> mean(x) ans = 20.7627 >> moment(x,2) ans = 49.1303 >> moment(x,3) ans = 201.9081 >> prctile(x,[10 50 90]) ans = 12.4305 19.9746 29.8058
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cee93-spring05-mt1-unknown-soln - University of California...

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