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final questions

final questions - Engineering 101 Engineering Ethics...

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1 Engineering 101: Engineering Ethics Professor Danielle Swiontek Final Exam Questions – Spring 2008 Two final exam times: Saturday, June 7, 12 noon – 3pm, HSSB 1173 Friday, June 13, 12 noon – 3 pm, HSSB 1173 You may take either exam but not both. Be sure to bring at least one blue book (8-1/2 x 11 size)!!!!! Exam Format: One case study and one essay question. You will have some choice on the essay questions. There will be no choice on the case study. The case study will be duplicated on the exam. Draw on information from the readings (in both course reader and textbook) and lectures to answer the following questions. In answering the questions (particularly the essay question), be sure to: Use specific examples wherever possible Define or describe the example you are using (explain how it supports your argument) Have an introduction with thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and conclusion Essay Questions (60%): 1. How does the fact that engineers generally work in a corporate environment affect the practice of ethical engineering? Does the industry (i.e., defense v. commercial, bioengineering v. software development, etc.) make a difference or raise special concerns? Can there be such a thing as ethical engineering practices in the context of a profit-driven corporation? If so, what are the characteristics of an ethical corporation? Give specific examples to support your answer. 2. The development of new technologies almost always raise special questions about safety (both environmental and human health), government involvement in research funding and regulation, and corporate responsibility for development and distribution of new products. Evaluate nanotechnology, hydrogen fuel cells, and genetically modified food. What issues should we be most concerned about? What recommendations would you make to government policy makers, corporate executives, and individual engineers as they pursue the development of these technologies? Can we balance economic growth, scientific advancement, and the protection of human health and the environment? Be sure to consider pertinent readings from the class. 3. Economists and other scholars and policy analysts see the process of globalization as having worldwide effects on environmental trends. Evaluate the effects of globalization on the environment. What has had the greatest impact on the environment in this
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2 globalized economy—multinational corporations, economic growth of populous nations like China, engineering design trends, or decisions by individual nations? Do all factors play a role, or are certain ones more important than others? In your opinion, what are the best strategies for addressing environmental concerns in this new globalized world? Be sure to consider pertinent articles from the class. Case Study (40%):
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final questions - Engineering 101 Engineering Ethics...

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