lec04 - • Is there redundancy? NASA’s culture led to...

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1 What organizational problems contributed to shuttle accidents? How did NASA’s history affect space shuttle program? • Originally part of manned mission to Mars – Space station – Space shuttle – Space tug What limited the shuttle program? • Became space shuttle only • Supported by scientific community and DoD • Hoped to pay its own way through commercial payloads • Development decisions shaped by budgetary constraints What is normalized risk? • Recurring problems reinterpreted to be acceptable risk • Diminished perception of risk throughout NASA
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2 NASA engineers asked • Is it part of experience base? • Is it within safety margin? • Is it self-limiting?
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Unformatted text preview: • Is there redundancy? NASA’s culture led to acceptance of problems • Decided design could tolerate damage • Added incrementally to amount and seriousness of damage • Anomalies seen as normal • Ignored events that suggested possibility of catastrophic failure NASA’s organizational failures contributed to accidents • Budgetary constraints • Culture of risk • Weak safety system What can we learn about ethics in large organizations? Ethical people can normalize risk Communication is difficult in large, complex organizations But individuals are still responsible Need for real leadership and vision at NASA...
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lec04 - • Is there redundancy? NASA’s culture led to...

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