lec12 - of whistleblowing Whistleblowing Cases • Jeffrey...

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1 Whistleblowing Disclosure : information intentionally conveyed outside channels Topic : concerns a significant moral problem Agent : employee or former employee Recipient : in position to take action Types of Whistleblowing • Internal • External •O p e n • Anonymous • Partly Open Costs of Whistleblowing • Can affect career, family, future earnings • You can only whistleblow once in your career Contractual Obligation of Loyalty • Whistleblowing violates loyalty
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2 When to whistleblow? • Actual or potential harm is serious • Harm is documented • Has been reported to immediate supervisors • If no response, have pursued regular channels within organization • Reasonable hope that whistleblowing will remedy or prevent harm Supererogatory Obligations • If personal cost to you is so great, do not have to whistleblow • But doesn’t this undermine whole idea
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Unformatted text preview: of whistleblowing? Whistleblowing Cases • Jeffrey Wigand & Big Tobacco (the Insider) – Big settlement with tobacco companies • DC-10 & Dan Applegate – 1974 Paris crash • Citicorp Building – Fixed building, enhanced engineer’s reputation Laws to Protect Whistleblowers • 1989 Federal Whistle Blower Act – Makes punitive actions illegal • False Claims Law (amended in 1986) – Whistleblowers can share in recovered costs 3 Commonsense Guide to Whistleblowing • Work through normal channels first • Express concerns promptly • Be tactful and low-key • Keep supervisors informed • Be accurate in observations; keep formal records Commonsense Guide to Whistleblowing (2) • Consult with trusted colleagues • Consult with ethics committee of professional organization before going outside • Consult lawyer about legal liabilities...
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lec12 - of whistleblowing Whistleblowing Cases • Jeffrey...

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