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Engineering 101: Engineering Ethics Professor Danielle Swiontek Paper Topics Topic : Choose one of the following topics from the list below or propose your own topic (subject to my approval). If you are proposing your own topic, you will need to give a clear description of your proposed project. Some topics you may need to expand and others to narrow. Proposal Length : 1 page or less. Proposal must include team members’s names and brief description of your topic and issues you anticipate discussing in the paper. Final paper will most likely be more focused/refined than proposal. Paper Length : 10-15 pages Format : Double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font, cover page, page numbers, footnotes or endnotes ( no parenthetical citations!! ), and works cited list. Teams : 2-3 people per team Sources/Citations : You must use an accepted citation format. You many only have ONE (1) source from Wikipedia. Team Member Evaluations: In addition to the paper, you must turn in a written evaluation of your team member(s). (There is no formal evaluation sheet; you simply write your own assessment.) Significant slacking will be factored into your final paper grade. Team members will not necessarily receive the same grade on their paper. Papers must be clearly written, proofread, and edited.
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papertopics - Engineering 101: Engineering Ethics Professor...

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