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DETAILED PROJECT OUTLINE WINTER 2001 Instructor: Dr. Thomas Cottrell Each student will perform an individual analysis of a Canadian or US merger/takeover that has occurred within the past 5 years. The core of the paper should be no more than 15 pages long, excluding appendices, graphs, tables, etc, and the executive summary preface. Your report should include two appendices: one that describes in detail how you determined the market value and the maximum value of each firm and one describing the event study of the market reaction. The report should demonstrate throughout a sophisticated understanding of Takeovers, with appropriate reference to the text, lectures and articles assigned for the course. The written report is due within one week of the last day of classes. The grade for the project will be based on the following criteria: Analysis of the merger (25%): for a synthesis of all the relevant information concerning the takeover/merger. This involves reviewing the corporate disclosure data and news
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