Week 02 Review - NATS 104 Human Variation in the Modern...

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NATS 104 Human Variation in the Modern World Be able to discuss the theory of evolution by natural selection (continued from Week One) A Clarify what Darwin and Wallace’s theory explained and did not explain (focus on diversity, adaptations, and inheritance). l How do the examples of peppered moths in northern England, the Grant's study of finches on Daphne Major Island in the Galápagos and examples from humming birds demonstrate the four processes of natural selection? l How do fitness and existing variation relate to each of the above examples. In which environment did dark colored moths have the highest fitness? In which environment do finches with the biggest beaks have the highest fitness? Why? How? Be able to discuss evolution in terms of small scale changes – microevolution A Discuss directional, stabilizing and disruptive selection and provide examples. Directional selection favors individuals adapted to new situations peppered moths, grant’s beak Stabilizing selection Intermediate values are favored ideal birth weight 7.3Ibs Distructive selection Two adaptive norms are generated, lead to diversification Limpets shell patterns, white to dark tan, two habitats: Gooseneck barnacles, tan rocks l Distinguish between simple discrete traits and complex traits. Simple discrete traits Result from the action of a single gene, Mode of inheritance clear, Finite number of phenotypes Complex discrete traits: continuous distribution l Distinguish between microevolution and macroevolution. Microevolution
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Week 02 Review - NATS 104 Human Variation in the Modern...

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