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Study guide for Chapters 16, 17 (Bourque lectures)

Study guide for Chapters 16, 17 (Bourque lectures) - Final...

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Final Exam Study Guide for Dr. Bourque’s lectures (Chs16, 17) Chapter 16 – Recombinant DNA & Biotechnology What kind of information can you obtain with a gene that has been cloned? What is the normal function of a DNA restriction enzyme? What is a “palindromic” DNA sequence and why is it significant for restriction enzymes? How do you calculate the frequency with which a restriction enzyme with cut DNA? What important characteristics must be manifest in a plasmid that is used as a gene cloning vector ? What are the principles of DNA analysis by gel electrophoresis? In what ways are genomic clones and cDNA clones similar and dissimilar? How are cDNA and genomic clones made? How are cDNA/gene microarrays used to analyze gene expression? What kinds of methods are used to introduce cloned DNAs into prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells? What is the Ti-plasmid and T-DNA, and how does T-DNA introduce genes into plant cells?
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