Week 03 Review - NATS 104 Human Variation in the Modern...

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NATS 104 Human Variation in the Modern World Week Three Be able to explain what biogeography is and how it relates to species and speciation, as well as how scientists can use it as a tool to understand the past. Explain the significance of corridors and filters What geological changes happened in Paleozoic and Mesozoic Eras? 1. Geological changes: plate tectonics 2. Paleozoic=> pangea 225 m.y.a 3. Early Mesozoic=> Gondwanaland and laurasia 125 m.y.a 4. Late Mesozoic=> break up 65 m.y.a, created corridors, filters How can islands be instructive in the understanding global history? Be able to discuss why classification is important to biologists. Describe the goals of classification. 1. simplify 2. indicate relationships =>molecular biologists reconstruct gene lineages => Paleontologists reconstruct lineages of whole organisms What is binomial nomenclature and who is credited for it? Karl Von Linne What is taxonomy? Branch of science concerned with the rules of classifying and naming organisms on the basis of evolutionary relationship Know the classification system for humans! Where do you as a human fit into the diversity of life on earth in terms of your kingdom, phylum, class, order, infraorder, superfamily, family, genus, species <KPCOFGS> Kingdom-Animalia Phylum- Chordata Class-Mammalia Order- primates Family- Hominidae Genus-Homo Species-sapiens Why can classification be problematic? Several ways to measure phonetic similarity are Ambiguous and Measures can disagree Understand the difference between shared and derived traits. Be able to compare and contrast cladistics and evolutionary systematics (phylogenetics)
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Week 03 Review - NATS 104 Human Variation in the Modern...

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