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Ryan Stevens March 1, 2006 AP Government Block 1 Chapter 8 Reading Guide Qualifications for the Presidency - In order to become the President of the US the candidate muse be a natural born citizen, thirty-five years old, an inhabitant of the US for at least 14 year. 22nd Amendment- This amendment to the constitution sets the limit on how long a President may stay in office or be re-elected. The limit was set at two terms and no more. articles of impeachment- These are a set of charged that are drawn up by Congress against a public official to start the impeachment process. The articles do not remove the official but just ask for action to do so. 25th Amendment - This amendment to the constitution sets up a clear succession to the Presidency should the spot be vacant. This also provides ways in which to fill the Vice Presidents spot as well. roles of the Vice President- The VP is the first person in line to fill the spot of the
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Unformatted text preview: President should he fall. He is also the President of the Senate and is mostly used to brake ties in the Senate. Appointment Power- executive agreement- This is an agreement made by the President with a foreign nation. This agreement is seen as a treaty and is a binding contract between the US and that foreign naiton. It is not a treaty in law however. In order for a treaty to happen Congress needs to approve it. line-item veto-This allows a veto to only certain parts of the legislation, while allowing the rest to pass. After the line-item veto, the legislation goes back to where it came from and can either be accepted or rejected. pardon- This is a when, usually the President, forgives a criminal of a crime or injustice that he has committed. Another word for this is clemency and this lessons the penalty without forgiving the crime....
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