2nd year-IP - The Skin Cell Regeneration Effects of Carica...

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The Skin Cell Regeneration Effects of Carica papaya and Allum sativum on Round Woms ( Caenorhabditis elegans) In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Zoology Submitted by: Rezzie Luteria Arlene Dizon Sierlene Binobo Submitted to: Mr. Arturo A. Tolentino
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Chapter I Introduction I. Background of the Study One of the researchers was researching for a topic for an investigatory project concerning animals. The researcher came across with planarians having them tested on the effects on their skin regeneration when Carica Papaya and Allum Sativum are applied particularly on Roundworms (Caenorhabditis elegans). The researchers first thought of having planarians as the subjects of the study, but one of them proposed to change it because they would be having problems concerning the shape of planarians which appears that there are many variations. Therefore it was agreed upon to have roundworms instead of having planarians in general. According to: http://www.exploratorium.edu/imaging_station/research/planaria/story_planaria.pd f planarians have become the subject of interest of some scientists just like Hunt Morgan, the researcher who brought fruit fly genetics, began his study on the regeneration of planarians. The subject drew his interest because it formed a problem in a theory of inheritance put forth by German biologist August Weissman. Weissman’s idea, known as the germ plasm theory , postulated that each individual cell inherits only what material it needs to become a certain kind of cell. In other words, skin cells would contain only the material for skin cells, and so on. If this were true, Morgan argued, then regeneration
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2nd year-IP - The Skin Cell Regeneration Effects of Carica...

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