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greece - OUTLINE FDR HDMER‘S ILIAD 1 Book I The shame of...

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Unformatted text preview: OUTLINE FDR HDMER‘S ILIAD 1. Book I: The shame of Achilleus and his refusal to fight. His request to his mother, Thetis for revenge on the Greeks. 2. Book II-VIII: Zeus allows Trojans to have temporary victory 3. Agamemnon "repente", Achillues refuses his gifts. Book IX 4. Book x—xv: Greeks suffer more defeats. Burning of the ships. 5. Book XVI+XVII: Patroklos {companion of Achilles} rallies Greeksr attacks the walls of Troy, Killed by Hektor. 6. Book XVIII: Achilles returns to battle, receives new "heavenly" armor. ?. Book XIX—XXII: Achilles rallies GreeksIr drives Trojans back to their cityIr kills Hektor 3. Book XXIII: Greeks hold games to celebrate their victory and death of Hektor 9. Book XXIV: Prism {father of Hektor} pleads for Hektor's body. Achilles returns Hektor's body. Hektor given hero‘s burial by Trojans. OUTLINE FDR HDHER*S ODYSSEY 1. Book I—IV: Adventures of Telemachos, son of Odysseus 2. Book v—VIII: 10th year of Odysseus1| wanderings: island of Calypso to the island of Phaiakians- 3. Book 13—311: The tale of the first 9 years of wandering: Troy to Cyclops to Circe. to Hades to Helios to island of Kalypso. 4. Book XIII—XIX: Odysseus returns to Ithyka. meets Telemachosr Plots-death of suitors after “testing" suitors and Penelope. 5. Book XX—KKIH: The test of the bowr slaughter of suitors, reunion with Penelope and father. . House-- In: I'Lran. Boot Ix he’d parcel out some scraps but keep the hon’s share. - I Some he'd hand to the lords and ' nihilism"?— andthey, theyholdthsmsfill. Frans-“ate Minnie Achilles of all Arches-ans, he seizesl-helteeps the with: IIilIIIrne- Well let him bed hernow— . . - enjoyher to the hiltl 'W'hy ‘must we battle Trojans, rnenoffirgos?“"hydidhemusteranarmy, -leadushere,- tltatsonoffitrens?“fl1y,whyin thewldifnot-- --. for Helen with her loose and lustroushair? - . -. Are-they the only men alive whs-Iare-aeimriaes. those sons of Atreus? Neverl Any decent man, - v : a man'with sense, loves his mm,.earre's for his own .- asdeeply asI, [loved thatwomanwlthall -lfl}’l:l.fifl.Il’Itp..I' though I won herlilte-a trophy nithmyspear But now that he's tornnry honor hommmhandnfi' robbed me, lied to Mn' hleflhim try me new lr lurow him too well—he’ll ueser'win me used ' '--'.,.:$l1ameleas irweterate—arrnored m shamelessrresst Dog that be is, - hie'dneserdsretoloolrmestraighttnflseeyessgaim Nu, I'll never set heads togetherwith .tliatman— noplannin in esmnm,notslringeonrmonaetion. .- He-ohea me, did me damage,arrahgl‘: But nereragain, he'll never rah me blind widthiitnieflng-watda againls- . Dnee isenougbforhim._ Dieandhetlamnedforalllesre Mist-Emil: me, . the-immortal ss'Iheos nathher that tam fate rmw day ol’gld'eath. When .IEIhold'out' hereandl lay'siege-tfi'll'roys- -.'-r .- unrjotu'ney home is gonerbutmy glory neserfies. IliIvoyagehaektethefartherlasrelUnitas;I " - nean'ds mrslurrdiesm ' ' true butthelit'e that'sleft'menulibeiong, thestrolre of deathwill-nutI canteenrue- Iquieldy THE iLIAD. 3001‘: VI In the same breath, shining Hector reached down for his son—hut the buy reeoiled, eringing against his nurse s full breast, streaming out at the sight of his sum father, terrified by the flashing bronze, the horsehair erest, the great ridge of the helmet nodding, bristling terror— so it struck his eyes. And his loving father laughed, his mother laughed as well, and glorious Hector, quickly lifting the helmet from his head, set it down on the gro,und fiery' in the shullght, and raising his son he kissed him, tossed him In his arms, lifting a prayer to Eeus 415 ' .455 1.2!- 4-35 1 Tan Ittan. assassin i find first Hephaestus Mam and massive‘shield, ~ ‘ blarouing we]? wrought enihitlna‘ail across its surEaee, ' laidngerimaruundit, glittetifigtfipl'e—ply s." with a silver shirldetrap nmhom edge to edge- andfiVelayersofmetaltobuildthesliielditself' E’withlall-hia mafiandt'unumg-EI ofgurgeausinitnortalwuria andaerossitsmst thegodcrestesa Andheforgedoullrehhiéldtwonohlhflieafillhd nidimortalmenlh'ithweddlagsandweddmgfeastsinone and under glowingtorghes they brought foiI'di the brides fromflrewmtn'schamheasg':_ ' flare-lighthe streets whfleehoironehofrtheiveddlpgsongrosehifix audtheyoungmen eeniedaaieitig, whttltugroundinrin andamongflsemthefluteaandhaspslaepsdptheiraflrringeallq— Butmlmgtheothetmtyeampedadfitidedamy .' gleaming inbattie-gear, it'ridurd'Ipl‘ansI sphtdreir ranks toplundertheeityorshsrethenohesuathrts esplIe,', _ ._ . hoardsthelsandsomeeitadelsboreduitlfintts . Andhefm-gedafalluwiield, broadnéhpiowland tilledfortlietlurdtirue, mdaerossiterewsofpluwruen whaMMhm,fi1mgMupandhaelr ' Aadhhiorgedaldnflsmtatemhemhatmlmlahwsd- ._ . . hrgthenpegtennswlngingthelrwhettedscythes wuiaid-heforgeda audehmhmgsmesshotupousflyervmef-poles .I._.. ...- ~.,.-.1.'.---.=_.- '- .w -': Andhefurgedgantheshiohlifl- herdoE-longhorn cattle,” working the bulls in beateh‘gold’and flui' lohrlngi loud}? andrumhlingoutofthefarmjraddnhgtopasuue Andwthefaruous ledSmrthfurgedasuoad-ass . In a shflefl‘ 'Hoelrs'_ to gram.“- iii-dip shepherds’ steadirlgs, Well-rs huts and. sheepfolds thrillsefl'tpp ledSmitEhrad‘ghtflmflfMI’V-i=9-." “I” MB hit-results -' hmelfidflmfldossmohld i'rzinrusfieldsalum-1mi firfirmflne’bthégiildmflshrsfiofishhir __‘ . “WE Mbmuemurted “flimflnfisofmdsnceimadmmd, W oadadtflthtelesrers, n I' I1" hmehesofhsuousgrapflingofinpéflifihllflli'flflmll' "1' ' its " ' is: ha £10 URANOS {HEAVEN} Hereus Tnaurnas Pnorosrs = Ceto Neptune = Amphitrite Gaiatéa Thetis Iris Harpies Gorgons Sirens Ssylia Proteus .Triton Achilles Aphlrodise I Cupid Aether (Light) = Hemera (Day) Eros [Love] . . {—HH-"—"“— URANUS = GAEH Cronos (Saturn): Rhea Themis=lapetus Coeus=anoeoe Oceanus: Tethys . F'_I'—l_J—l_“—f—| I Zeus = Hera Demeter Poseidon Hades Hestia }——l—| LIIMsia = ere-s Hephaestos Hebe Prometheus Epirnetheus Athena I Zeusi= Leto Zeus = Maia Zeus = Semele Apoilo Artemis . Hermes Dionysius Zeus = Alcmena Zeus = Tliernis _ . Zeus = Eurynorne Heracles Hours Fates restraea . Threnle Graces Zeus = Mnemosyne Nine- Muses sass. {EARTH} -= PoNTijUS (SEA) 1 Euronyine Metis Mnemosyne Hyperion Atlas Leto' Minor WaterDeities Zeus =_-Derr~1e.t'er' Persephone a. "I 'Zeus = Leda Castor I ; Poliux Helen Clyteninestra ...
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greece - OUTLINE FDR HDMER‘S ILIAD 1 Book I The shame of...

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