Notes july 7 - 2) Creon as male protagonist for the state...

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D. The Persian Wars and the Golden Age of Greece (480-430) 1) Persians defeated twice, 490 and 480 BC 2) Elevated cultural and racial pride of Greet city states 3) Athens as first Democratic state: “rule by the townspeople” E. Greek Theater and Tragedy 1) Speech with Music = opera 2) Sacred Ground: dedicated to Dionysus, god of wine, irrationality, altered states! 3) Religious ritual; reenactment of myths = dramatized sacred story 4) Tragedy : Protagonist: noble, virtuous vs wicked Downfall from mistake in judgment due to character flaw (not severe) Ideal plot: hero’s life changes from fortune to misfortune due to intellectual error. Audience feels pity and fear Tragic Irony: Good intentions that cause disastrous results = self-inflicted Function: catharsis = healing from purging guilt and fear F. Greek Drama: Sophocles, Antigone 1) Antigone as female protagonist for individual and family
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Creon as male protagonist for the state 3) Issue: duty to family vs duty to state; law of God vs law of State 4) Tragedy: man’s worst error is to reject good council out of pride and stubbornness 5) Tensions: • Gender Gap • Generation gap • Tradition vs change. Exceptions? II Greek Philosophy (Chap 5) A) Natural Philosophy (7 th – 5 th centuries) 1) Goal: to explain the world through natural causes vs myth. No creator god = atheist 2) Natural elements and causes: water, fire, love/hate, mind 3) Heraclitus: nature in constant flux from solid to liquid to air. Cause = fire. Logos/reason (impersonal) controls the form and balance 4) Leucippus and the Atomists. All matter made of invisible “atoms” (uncuttable). Eternal and unchanging. All form is random....
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Notes july 7 - 2) Creon as male protagonist for the state...

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