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notes july 9 - 3. Praxiteles, "Aphrodite of...

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3. Praxiteles, “Aphrodite of Cnidos”: female nude for natural beauty (only used in gyms or bathhouses) C. Architecture: Classical Orders (p118) 1. Doric: Plain projects strength, power Useful for king of state to intimidate? Temple to powerful gods 2. Ionic: elegant, sophisticated. Useful for gods and people of wisdom. Libraries. 3. Corinthian: projects wealth and the power that comes with it. Useful to imperial Rome to intimidate and amaze. Makes the emperor or state look all powerful, even if they aren’t. D. Architecture : the Acropolis (City on the hill) of Athens 1. Propylaea: Monumental entrance as the gate/threshold into the sacred hill 2. Athena Nike: shrine to Athena as goddess of victory. Guardian of the hill 3. Parthenon (the Virgin): East Pediment (front): Birth of Athena, Born from the head of Zeus = intuition. Feminine principle of wisdom. Sacred bird is the owl. The metopes (framed carvings on each side): the victories over the Amazons, centaurs, giants, and Trojans = justice prevails over brute force, aggression. IV. Hellenistic Age: International Classical Style
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notes july 9 - 3. Praxiteles, "Aphrodite of...

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