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Topics_1-1 - HUM 2210 Dr EVANS PAPER#1 TOPICS Instructions...

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HUM 2210 Dr. EVANS PAPER #1 TOPICS Instructions: After selecting one topic below, choose an art piece to discuss. Introduce it with some background information to indicate what the original audience intended the art to mean. Then, for further discussion, create a 2nd audience made up of at least two factors on the Audience Analysis Diagram. Each group will discuss what they see and what it means to them. Be sure to include specific variables for each group, including historical period they live, social status, gender, income, education and anything else that could influence their views. Use each group to interpret and evaluate the art using the Item Analysis sheet. Their views should reflect the “cultural baggage” they bring to the art. You may use yourself as a member of a group, but be sure to identify who you are and how that effects your view. The total length of discussion for the topic (or two) should be a couple of pages. If you use outside sources, be sure to include a Works Cited page.
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